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hbic20in20 ; Cara Mason + Mystique
Other ; Gun/Jeans
Cara Mason (Legend of the Seeker) [10]
Mystique (X-Men movie franchise) [10]
for hbic20in20


The Hero/Heroine

10 themes
first heroic act your otp something bad look best friend(s)
strength defining moment essential item crossover last heroic act

The Villain

10 themes
first evil act your otp defining moment look family
something good power quintessential lonely last evil act


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I love look, defining moment, essential item from the hero set.
I love defining moment, something good and lonely from the villain set.

Gorgeous set! I love the coloring on both sets

Ahh, I love these! Especially villain > defining moment, look, and family. :D Now the song with "bad girls do it well" is in my head. :P

Arina-Summer (too lazy to log in.)

These are fabulous! I love the colouring <3
Faves are both OTPs, look (heroine), strength, essential item, crossover, family, something good, power and lonely :)

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